for siblings (tempered)

for pf and/or gtr(s) — between 8'00-60'00" 2023

a tempered and accidental piece for piano and/or guitar 

the first result of a long-term research revolving around Maghrebin-Andalusian classical music, specifically from Morocco and Algeria. my standpoint stems from a deeply personal yet rootless and distant perspective. thus admittedly, and necessarily, the piece ended up being both tied to and very distant from its original source of inspiration.

here is an excerpt of edgars rubenis's very spacious interpretation recorded at Alepojina, Riga in Sept.23. 

and another excerpt of the piece rehearsed by edgars rubenis on the guitar and ernests vilsons on a detuned piano, recorded at the Ģertrūdes ielas teātris in Riga, also in Sept.23 

last but not least, here is reinier van houdt version for piano solo, recorded at Zaal 3 in Den Haag, Nov.23

— a dedication to my father's siblings, to be followed by a string version

— the piece also exemplifies how composers and artists very often intuit some ideas and get caught up with reality. by investigating the history of my ancestors and trying to make sense of an unspeakable past and finding light through it, i realize that my work is now somewhat entangled with an unspeakable present (through which light must be found)

a short excerpt of the piece played by Clara de Asís (guitar) and myself (piano), Studio Loos, Den Haag, May.24