approximation pieces

a talk comparing pieces based on 'approximation' & maths 2023

connecting & comparing Approximating Pi by Clarence Barlow, Approximating Omega by Michael Winter and Approximating e by Nirantar Yakthumba.

the three pieces illustrate a specific take on how a composer may build a musical edifice from mathematical concepts — a point of junction between computability theory, programming, and considerations for harmony.

from my perspective and as a listener, the three pieces form a particular branch of computer music: one that presents the partial computation of complex numbers as a musical process, but that is not exclusively (if not at all) didactic, nor based on the mere perception of sound and harmony. instead Approximating Pi, Approximating Omega, and Approximating e seem to lie somewhere in between. 

this presentation was first given in Feb.2023 in Berlin. if anyone wants some documentation about the pieces/the talk, i'd be happy to share it

screenshot of a scheme from C.Barlow's Approximating Pi
screenshot of a scheme from C.Barlow's Approximating Pi