for blandine & maciej

for harpsichord & computer, 17'00" 2021

for blandine & maciej is a piece for harpsichord & computer consisting of a probabilistic transition between two very close tunings. one tuning is played on the upper manual of the harpsichord, the second one on the lower manual of the harpsichord. the piece raises questions about transcription, interpretation & performance; and about the merging of algorithmic/probabilistic and early music logics. 

— inspired by L. Couperin's unmeasured preludes notations

— an hommage to Blandine Verlet

performed by Maciej Skrzeczkowski on 21.06.22, mixed & mastered by Lilita Dunska
excerpts & evolution of the score 1) bare output of the algorithm 2) composing phrases (non-repeating groups of notes) and assigning pitches to each keyboard (yellow= upper manual/green= lower manual) 3) a reading of the score by the performer, Maciej Skrzeczkowski
influence by the unmeasured prelude by Couperin — an influence that stayed with me since this piece