for kali — in progress // for Kali Ensemble 

for 12 siblings —in progress, 10,00" // for viola, cello, double bass (or 12 strings) and computer 

for 12 siblings (tempered) — variable (8'00-20'00"), for piano and/or guitar  // info & listen 

for experiencers (modelo62) — in progress, 18'30" // a rework of for experiencers for Ensemble Modelo62

a talk on 'approximation pieces'  a comparative take on three pieces: C. Barlow's Approximating Pi, M. Winter's Approximating omega, and N. Yakthumba's Approximating e // info

a(nother) talk on C. Barlow & M.Winter's solo guitar pieces — a comparative take on C.Barlow's Until... and M.Winter's Counterfeiting in Colonial Connecticut  // info

music & the wende, now — a collective endeavor in Latvia //  info

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