i am open to invitations: commissions for music pieces, talks/lectures, co-creations/collaborations, curation proposals, mixtapes, and informal teaching/coaching formats. my expertise ranges from computer driven music composition and analysis, intonation systems, electroacoustic music, and, also, choreography/movement based practices. in general, i love to share about any of these topics, with all kinds of audiences, 'informed' or not — i'm a strong believer that any of these topics should be made intelligible/available to anyone who is interested in them. 

more over, i've always found that collaborating with or supporting a variety of composers, musicians, performers, ensembles, curators, students was equally rewarding as composing. i especially enjoy discussing pieces-in-the-making, or acting like a bridge between composers and the performers and/or the electronics of a piece for instance. there is the word in French, 'répétitrice' — which would be an the juncture of a coach and a dramaturg. this is what i think i do and what i love being: a 'répétitrice' but for experimental/contemporary music or other experimental art forms. on a different level, i also find it important to guide anyone who might need some support around questions having to do with gender and diversity in the experimental music field.

so, whether you are a composer, a performer, a dance maker, an artist, or simply a curious person, & regardless of your age, background, gender, origins, if you need an external gaze or ear or just a supportive presence to help you to blossom in your artistic path, i may be your person. i won't necessarily have all the answers but certainly plenty of questions, methodologies, personal experiences, and resources to share (+ enthusiasm) (!)

if you feel like starting a little conversation, you're most welcome to fill in the form on the right & let's see what's possible

a non-exhaustive list of people/institutions with whom i have acted as a bridge or 'répétitrice', or provided some form of guidance are  
guzmán calzada llorente (for his piece
Strands of Polyphony#2)  edgars rubenis (for his releases Pains and Boogies), michael winter and ensemble kali (for the premiere of the michael's History of the Domino Problem), catherine lamb and elisabeth smalt (for the transmission of cat's shade/gradient), echonance festival (to discuss/participate to the curation of the festival), the Institute of Sonology (to foster some conversations about diveristy & inclusion) 



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