performed by Maciej Skrzeczkowski on 21.06.22, Royal Conservatory of the Hague (NL)

mixed & mastered by Lilita Dunska

for blandine & maciej is a piece for harpsichord & computer

consisting of a probabilistic transition between

two very close tunings.

one tuning is played on the upper manual of the harpsichord,

the second one on the lower manual of the harpsichord 

— inspired by L. Couperin's unmeasured preludes notations

— an hommage to B. Verlet

excerpts of the score

the piece raises questions about transcription, interpretation & performance; and about the merging of algorithmic/probabilistic and early music logics. 

see the excerpts of the score on the right: same page in different versions: 

1) bare output of the algorithm

2) composing phrases (non-repeating groups of notes) and assigning pitches to each keyboard (yellow= upper manual/green= lower manual)

3) a reading of the score by the performer, Maciej Skrzeczkowski

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