Connecting & comparing Approximating Pi by Clarence Barlow, Approximating Omega by Michael Winter and Approximating e by Nirantar Yakthumba.

The three pieces illustrate a specific take on how a composer may build a musical edifice from mathematical concepts — a point of junction between computability theory, programming, and considerations for harmony.

From my perspective and as a listener, the three pieces form a particular branch of computer music: one that presents the partial computation of complex numbers as a musical process, but that is not exclusively (if not at all) didactic, nor based on the mere perception of sound and harmony. Instead, Approximating Pi, Approximating Omega and Approximating e seem to lie somewhere in between. 

This presentation was first given in Feb.2023 in Berlin and will be followed by more documentation soon. 

screenshots of the respective explaination, score and spectogram of Approximating Pi, Approximating Omega and Approximating e

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