lucie nezri is a composer, artist, and performer born in Hyères (FR) and currently based between Den Haag (NL) and Berlin (DE). 

nezri is drawn toward abstraction and simplicity. her work bridges different contexts and disciplines pertaining to musical composition, tuning theory, computer science, and, at times, choreography. in her music, nezri often draws inspiration from highlighting some commonalities between mathematical and musical creativities. circulating between mathematical concepts, musical ideas, and percepts, her pieces combine algorithmic techniques of composition based on probabilities, and a care for harmony and the sensory presence of sounds. considering music primarily as an experience to be shared, nezri composes her pieces as invitations to 'play' and dedicated to loved ones.

she holds a Bachelor's and a Master's from the Institute of Sonology (Royal Conservatory of the Hague NL). her works have been performed in a diversity of venues such as OSCII (Amsterdam), GRM (Paris), Orgelpark (Amsterdam), Abbaye de Royaumont (Paris), GMEA (Albi), Studio Loos, (Den Haag), PAS (Berlin). following her long-standing practice of making experimental music mixtapes ( fascia lata ), nezri launched the first release of her small independent label dedicated to experimental music dis ce que in February 2022. from September 2022 until June 2023, nezri is a research associate at the Institute of Sonology and collaborates with the composer Michael Winter. 



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